Roofing #3 —The visitors

It took a lot for me to get on the ladder, let alone step out on that roof. That fear lasted a day or so, then the confidence set in, UNTIL . . . Meet Fred & Andy. They are Black Vultures sporting a six foot wing span, and they eat dead things.These guys sat... Continue Reading →


Roofing #2— Ut Oh!

This roof has had more delays than Santa Claus has presents. As we tore off the old metal, then layer of shingles we found a few surprises. Not really, there was evidence, but when you find the culprit . . . darn! The worst was on the addition where the roof was extended and at... Continue Reading →

Roofing: Not on My Bucket List

If you were to ask me for things on my bucket list, I would have never included roofing, but now that I've done it, sweat like there's no tomorrow, been terrified, and have felt every stinking muscle group in my body. I think that it would be on the list. Unfortunately, Harry the flip has... Continue Reading →

Where’s the Thing-a-ma-giggy?

She:  Honey? He: (Thinking---- Oh no! I just got under this sink!) but saying: Yes Dear? She:  Where's the Thing-a-ma-giggy? He:   The What? She: The Wat-cha-ma-callit! He:  Can you interpret please, as he gets up from under sink. She, as he enters the room--- you know, the thingy! He: (Doing his best to interpret female). What... Continue Reading →

Where to Begin a Frugal Flip Blog?

House flipping is hard work, I mean, it is not for wimps at all. You will have sore muscles, hit your thumb with a hammer or your husband might drop asphalt siding on your head! Or worse, believe me worse. However, flipping is fun! It is certainly rewarding, especially when you begin to see things... Continue Reading →

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