DIY Nail Holder

There are many helpful belts, holders, etc., that can be purchased to make construction work easier. However there are two problems: They are quite expensive They are built for men. (If your a girly girly girl, that helpful belt built for a manly-man might just fall right off!) While we were working on the roof,... Continue Reading →


Girly Girls Flipping Houses

  This page is for WOmen only!!!! Hey Girls, this page is for you!  Building, remodeling, hammering, heavy lifting! Yup, that's us we are badass flippers!!!!! On this page we will discuss the difference between testosterone and estrogen. He Said, She said Shit Oh, & looking cute on the job site! I mean really, we... Continue Reading →

Intro to Pittsburgh Flip

We decided to flip this house in order to be close to our daughter and her family and then mid-project they moved 2400 miles away to Phoenix! Oh my! We ended up living with our dog on the job site, while trying to keep up on our own place three hours away. In addition, there... Continue Reading →

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