Safety & Fun, & SAFETY!!!!

I've mentioned in recent blogs that the one side of Harry the Flip's roof is about five (5) stories up. Below us is a concrete landing, the roof of the garage, or mostly a steep hill and 20 steps to the street. I confess, this is terrifying. I've zip-lined a few times and have learned... Continue Reading →


DIY Nail Holder

There are many helpful belts, holders, etc., that can be purchased to make construction work easier. However there are two problems: They are quite expensive They are built for men. (If your a girly girly girl, that helpful belt built for a manly-man might just fall right off!) While we were working on the roof,... Continue Reading →

Just when you think . . .

I am simply addicted to the weather app on my phone; especially this summer as we have tried to finish Harry the Flip's roof. We have had delay after delay due to rain. However, we finally started the scary (5 story high) side of the house this week and have made AMAZING progress as the... Continue Reading →

Get Back Up There!

Flipping houses should come with warning notices: WARNING: Flipping can be dangerous to your health!!!! WARNING:  You might be accused of entering your second childhood WARNING: If you flip a house one day you might realize your a total BAD ASS! We are preparing for putting the new roof on the high and dangerous side... Continue Reading →

Girly Girls Flipping Houses

  This page is for WOmen only!!!! Hey Girls, this page is for you!  Building, remodeling, hammering, heavy lifting! Yup, that's us we are badass flippers!!!!! On this page we will discuss the difference between testosterone and estrogen. He Said, She said Shit Oh, & looking cute on the job site! I mean really, we... Continue Reading →

Frugal Flip named Harry

Harry Bellefonte! Harry is our current flip. Yes, we name them! When I decided to do this blog, we had already begun this project. This house is a disaster! What do you expect when pay “next to nothing!?”  What you expect is a lot of Sweat equity! Harry is a good investment! The basic structure... Continue Reading →

My New Nickname!??!?!

Les is the builder/contractor, know-what-he's-doing-kinda-guy.  I know enough to be dangerous and certainly know woodworking and can use about any tool but a jack-hammer. Why not a jack-hammer, you ask, simply because it's a freakin' jack hammer! I'm more the designer, painter, clean it up, carry it, hold the board, gopher kinda gal. So picture... Continue Reading →

Roofing #3 —The visitors

It took a lot for me to get on the ladder, let alone step out on that roof. That fear lasted a day or so, then the confidence set in, UNTIL . . . Meet Fred & Andy. They are Black Vultures sporting a six foot wing span, and they eat dead things.These guys sat... Continue Reading →

Roofing #2— Ut Oh!

This roof has had more delays than Santa Claus has presents. As we tore off the old metal, then layer of shingles we found a few surprises. Not really, there was evidence, but when you find the culprit . . . darn! The worst was on the addition where the roof was extended and at... Continue Reading →

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