Why “Nail in My Pocket” for a name about house flipping? Because when most people do their laundry they find change, we always have nails in our pockets!

At the beginning of this blog, we had just finished shingling half of the roof of “Harry” our current flip. For this project I had shiny silver nails in my pocket, but the next day as I was removing a window to make room for a doorway, I had the biggest, nastiest, bent SOB of a nail in my pocket as a token to remind me that all the grunting, groaning and muscle power extended was real and so were my sore muscles! As I fought with this nail, hubby asked me, “Is someone up there with you? Are you having fun?????” (Bad Boy!)


If you are considering flipping a house, or renovating one for yourself, prepare yourself! It ain’t as easy as Hollywood makes it sound, but the rewards can be excellent!  Here is what you can look forward to:

  1. Harry— our current project. I will be posting stories, photos and videos of our progress in coming months.
  2. Lloyd– A beautiful, completed and profitable project in Pittsburgh.
  3. Girly girl stuff! Let’s face it, we are working in Man’s world! I will offer tips and yeah, Bitch sessions about this work!!!  All in all, it is very fulfilling work–even if your a girl!  Smiley face & all that.
  4. New projects along the way, we have another property in a nearby town coming up soon!

Blogs will be Titled with the project name on each blog and categorized on individual pages. Thanks for stopping by!

Your Hosts:  Les & Karen

When we get these projects done . . . off we go to Arizona!!!



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