Safety & Fun, & SAFETY!!!!

I’ve mentioned in recent blogs that the one side of Harry the Flip’s roof is about five (5) stories up. Below us is a concrete landing, the roof of the garage, or mostly a steep hill and 20 steps to the street. I confess, this is terrifying. I’ve zip-lined a few times and have learned to trust a well made harness. When zip-lining, you’re jumping into nothingness from trees & mountain side platforms. I didn’t hesitate at all purchasing a harness for this job, no nothingness for me!

The harness we purchased is called FALLTECH 7015 Contractor Full Body.  This model cost under $35 and was perfectly sufficient. (Shop wisely! You can spend a small fortune on equipment like this!) This is a blog all about being frugal while flipping, so I purchased it from Amazon on points! At the same time, it would be worth every penny. Even an 8-10 ft fall can cause major health issues including broken bones, spine problems, concussion or even cuts. My advice is be safe and spend the money! If you are working on a flip, or your own home, you will not get much done and may truly bring about major life changes if you were to fall. Even if you weren’t seriously hurt down-time due to a fall will cost you time and your time is precious. your time is also valuable and let’s face it without the ability to finish a job—- you can end up in horrible financial difficulty very quickly.  Therefore, spend the money on safety!

After adjusting the fit, we tied ourselves securely on a strong leash to the chimney. (We used a good rope and nylon strapping) A sturdy tree would work fine, or if you wanted you could probably rig something attached to the house. We adjusted the leash so that if we fell, we would slip to edge, but not go over. The problem with this is you had to place and move knots in leash to adjust, or take the risk of dangling over the edge if you tripped. That is better than hitting bottom!!!! Do what is best for you and your comfort level.

Oh, and by the way, while your being safe . . . HAVE FUN!






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