DIY Nail Holder

img_20180830_180627138-11626857812.jpgThere are many helpful belts, holders, etc., that can be purchased to make construction work easier. However there are two problems:

  1. They are quite expensive
  2. They are built for men. (If your a girly girly girl, that helpful belt built for a manly-man might just fall right off!)

While we were working on the roof, Les says, “I forgot my belt to hold nails!” It can be problematic getting nails out of your pocket or keep in your hand when you’re holding on for dear life! Here is my answer . . . fold the nails up in your t-shirt & hope they don’t fall loose. The problem is, the t-shirt can unfold easily. I thought about it for a few minutes and came up with a great answer to this dilemma. I used my extra hair-clip, twisted my t-shirt and clipped it. Worked like a charm. Easy to grab nails, hair-clip held all day.

OK guys, you can do this too, use a rubber-band, paperclip or small clamp.  whatever makes your testosterone level rise.



2 thoughts on “DIY Nail Holder

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  1. your writing is very inspiring- unfortunately, im terrified of heights. So no roofing on my agenda. But will learn other stuff


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