Just when you think . . .

I am simply addicted to the weather app on my phone; especially this summer as we have tried to finish Harry the Flip’s roof. We have had delay after delay due to rain. However, we finally started the scary (5 story high) side of the house this week and have made AMAZING progress as the weather forecast was finally in our favor.

Within 48 hours, two layers of roofing were removed and we managed to get about 2/3 of the plywood under-layment secured.  (That also includes getting that heavy plywood up on that roof!) I had just checked the weather and the forecast called for rain TOMORROW around 2pm.  Hubby got out the tarps and covered the apex saying, “We had a heavy dew last night, I just want to protect the plywood.”

About 1/3 of roof still looking like this!

We were TIRED beyond tired. Beyond tired.

Vegetating on the couch, blindly watching the results of America’s Got Talent, I gave in to my latest addiction and checked the weather app before heading to bed. . . “Wait a minute, I thought it said, “No Rain??????'”  WHAT!!!!?????  Although we put tarps over the plywood & open roof, it wasn’t fully secured. Here’s a screen shot of the “oh so reliable app.”


  1. DANGER!  5 stories up in the sunlight isn’t exactly non-stressful let alone in the DARK!
  2. If we are only doing this for “dew” we didn’t need to go to extraordinary effort to protect.
  3. That’s a nasty looking front, OH NO! WIND?
  4. The living room, under the fully exposed bedroom only needs patch & paint, I’ll be darned if I’m going to have to strip the plaster there too!

So, at 10pm, we are putting out an additional tarp, nailing in 2×4’s to give some wind protection, and placing a tarp on the floor in the master bedroom “just in case”. Did I mention that I’m still a bit terrified of ladders?

Maybe these buzzards were profits of doom? Who goes on a roof at 10PM?

Sigh of relief, we did it.

Still couldn’t sleep

Are you ready?  I mean really, it has to have the perfect ending for my weather app addiction, don’t you think?



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