Get Back Up There!

Flipping houses should come with warning notices:

WARNING: Flipping can be dangerous to your health!!!!

WARNING:  You might be accused of entering your second childhood

WARNING: If you flip a house one day you might realize your a total BAD ASS!

We are preparing for putting the new roof on the high and dangerous side of Harry the Flip. Considering the hill from street to basement level, even though it is a two story home, we will be about 5 stories up.


So this morning my job was to figure out this mess! The last time I put one of these on I was zip-lining in West Virginia! (Hopefully there will be no jumping off high things this time, eh?) This was like trying to unwind yarn that a kitten got hold of, honestly! Send me an expert please!!!! But I did finally figure it out.

One thing I’ve learned about a good old fashioned fix-er-up-er is that when you “think” you’re going to do a job one day, chances are there are three days of prep to get ready. When Les got the ladder out front, we realized that some trees needed serious trimming so that they wouldn’t hinder our progress.  YES, OF COURSE there were electric wires involved.

Maybe it was the subliminal message of a childhood friend reminiscing on Facebook last week about climbing trees when we were kids, I don’t know, but I was like, “I’ll climb up there”  LOL & HAHAHA! I’m 58 freaking years old and climbing trees!


No I did’t have on my Fall-Tech harness (Love that clever name). It would have got caught on the branches. I’m saving that for later on the roof!  I did manage to get the branches trimmed, all but two that I couldn’t reach, Les did them. BTW he’s a decade older than I am!!!! What a man!


Reflecting . . .

I’m grateful NOT to be dead

It’s been 50 years since I’ve done anything this stupid

My grandson LOVES monkeys, so I might get some extra points.

Flipping ain’t easy. Honestly when you get up in the morning, you never know what trouble you’ll get yourself into!

By the way, I have a new nickname!  He calls me, “My sweaty Lumberjack!”

Then says, “GET BACK UP THERE!”




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