Girly Girls Flipping Houses


This page is for WOmen only!!!!

Hey Girls, this page is for you! 

Building, remodeling, hammering, heavy lifting!

Yup, that’s us we are badass flippers!!!!!

On this page we will discuss the difference between testosterone and estrogen.

He Said, She said Shit

Oh, & looking cute on the job site! I mean really, we are girls!


Half the time I look like yesterday’s bad news. But I wear that look with pride! Why bother with make-up when you are going to sweat it off?  Did I really wear my jeans two, oops, I mean three days in a row?  How the hell do I get this paint from under my nails?

What to wear when your working with your husband or significant other & have them still want to look at you!? Hey, that’s a fair question!

Tools & helps that I have found amazingly irreplaceable.  Watch for “Girly Flipper’ blogs. They will be added to this page too!

Men are men and testosterone is abundant in this business. Blogs on this page will highlight things that I’ve learned about:

Working with your spouse!

Ways to still be feminine!

You’re stronger than you think

Ways to save $$$$ on your house project & YOURSELF

Tools for a mighty-girl

Know it’s OK not to be as strong as him! (You’re strong in other ways!)

Requests! Hey, I can’t think of everything, so if you have a question, please feel free to visit my contact page, or comment on any blog. I can be reached at Karen


Girly Blogs:  Where’s the Thing-a-ma-giggy?

I’d love to hear your comments and questions & promise to get back to you quickly!

You are welcome visit my other blogs:

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