My New Nickname!??!?!

received_8544534947517731783436728.jpegLes is the builder/contractor, know-what-he’s-doing-kinda-guy.  I know enough to be dangerous and certainly know woodworking and can use about any tool but a jack-hammer. Why not a jack-hammer, you ask, simply because it’s a freakin’ jack hammer! I’m more the designer, painter, clean it up, carry it, hold the board, gopher kinda gal. So picture this, Les is diligently working on the supports for the deck we are putting outside the Master Bedroom and we will soon be adding the floor joists.  I’m stripping the shingled siding & nails off the house, and I realize that if we are going to do any digging to put a barrier to protect the house from water, it has to be done NOW. The house is built into a very steep hill. As a matter of fact, you are looking at the 2nd story here basically at ground level.


I got out my favorite pitch fork, loosened up the ground, then dug. And dug. And dug.

All Day long.



And . . . . you guessed it! DIGGING!

On my birthday

Wishing I did know how to use a jack-hammer!

The trench for the landscaping pipe really only needed to be dug 12 feet (under the deck) but as usual, I got a little carried away and did more than I needed to that day. I went another 12 foot or so beyond so the water would be guided totally away from the house.

In the meantime, the supports are almost done. Yay!

We are both tired.

Not really cranky.

But hubby called me, “Ditch Bitch” last night.


I wonder why?

Consolation prize! This Ditch-Bitch got to hug a pony at the local farmers market!


I’d love to hear your comments and questions & promise to get back to you quickly!

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