Intro to Pittsburgh Flip

Before and afterWe decided to flip this house in order to be close to our daughter and her family and then mid-project they moved 2400 miles away to Phoenix! Oh my! We ended up living with our dog on the job site, while trying to keep up on our own place three hours away. In addition, there were multiple trips to the Southwest to see my grandbaby grow. There were many delays, however, it finally got done!

The Pittsburgh house sold to the first person that it was showed to! It was in a lovely older suburban neighborhood, close to the city for employment with an old-fashioned neighborhood feel. The taxes were quite reasonable. There was a nice mix of families, young professionals and retired neighbors. Most homes were single family dwellings, owned by the occupants.

I remember when my daughter and I would walk her dogs, there was the sweetest little old lady we would wave to & say hello. She seemed to love being out in her double sized corner lot. She would always smile and we would walk away saying that we would like to adopt her as a grandma. It was her house that we ended up flipping when she was moved into a nursing home. I was watching for great deals and saw this listing the day it went on the market and called my realtor, “Make an offer now. I don’t need to see the house” “Please don’t delay, this one won’t last!” There were two other offers on that same day, of which I understand both had contingencies, so we were granted the sales contract for $27,500 plus closing costs as we were a cash deal. We gathered up every cent we could muster up, took out cash advances on our credit cards, and borrowed $5000 from a friend in order to purchase this home for cash.

As we planned out this project, our target buyer was Young Professional Couple convinced they would not have children!

  • We lost $7400.00 of the agreed-upon sale as the appraisal company really messed up! He missed rooms, appliances, and the square footage of the finished basement in his appraisal. In addition, he used comps from an entirely different neighborhood in a major city. This was unfortunate, but we accepted the loss, rather than risk losing the sale and dealing with the winter sales slump in Pennsylvania . I will blog one day about this fiasco—- Seller beware, not all appraisers are professional!

Although this house was “livable” when we purchased it, it had been renovated during the 1970’s. It needed updating, but we also found some really crazy things that needed to be attended to as we went along. Just because a cute little old lady lives there doesn’t mean it is up to code, doesn’t have issues —or really weird grand-pa-style-upgrades.

You are welcome to follow along as I reminisce about this project and the different things we did to this house to make it beautiful! Here is a sneak peak at the living room re-do!




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